January 28, 2021

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce ourselves, the family behind "Arky Franky" :)

My name is Phoebe and I am the owner of Arky Franky. I was born and raised in the Philippines then my family and I moved here to Calgary in 2014. Before I left the Philippines, I was studying architecture but unfortunately, I have to leave it behind to create a new life here in Canada. New life means a new start. I started my new life as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. While working, I was also in school studying Oil and Gas Administration hoping I could find a job in line with my dad's work field. But sadly, before I even got my diploma, the economy went so bad, that there are recessions everywhere. This is when decided that I should keep my job. This was the time that I met my husband, Kevin.

Kevin, my husband, was very supportive. After I gave birth to our one and only son, Francesco, I decided to stay at home and be a stay-at-home mom. Kevin agreed and worked a couple of jobs to get us through every day. While he was busy working. I went back to school and started pursuing architecture again. Again and again, I failed. I can't keep myself on track and it was very hard honestly. So I stopped. Kevin was still patient with me. I wanted to help him financially while caring for my son.

So I had an idea, he had the money, haha. We bought a cutting machine! I started on my son's birthday decorations and souvenirs. Our friends were there to support us, and we are fortunate to have them. We get orders from them from time to time, then I decided to open up a shop. I was just testing the waters, checking if there is demand in the marketplace. Orders came but only a couple a week or sometimes just a single customer for the whole week. But that's okay, I was just starting. I opened an Etsy shop but I was too busy to focus on it. It took me 2 years before I gave attention to my Etsy Shop.

The year 2020, is the year of the pandemic. I focused on my Etsy and the highest monthly sale that I earned was $800. Imagine, I am just at home, with my son, and I am earning and finally contributing to my family financially. I am very grateful to each and every customer that I had. Every day, I continue to think of products that I can offer in my shop. From monthly sticker releases to exploring my way to different stationery supplies. My heart is always full because of you, my customers. Thank you so much for supporting my shop. You don't have to purchase, a single like, share, or follow on any of my social media accounts is enough. Your support is enough.

With your help and support we are officially "Arky Franky", a business registered and licensed in the City of Calgary! Thank you so much! :) - Phoebe and Kevin (and Francesco)